Update July 10:

Philly Hockey Club is excited to announce that the August 10th tryout is now OPEN for U08/U10/U12/U14 players and U14 & U16 goalkeepers.


Philly Hockey Club is passionate about indoor hockey and many of our coaches have coached and played at the highest level of the indoor game. Indoor is as an ideal opportunity to develop high levels of skill, dexterity, game awareness, speed, and fitness.

We will base our indoor training programs at Philly Sport Center, Newtown PA, the clubs new facility. The facility boast one indoor court, lobby and mezzanine area for spectator viewing, bathrooms and office space. Our members will have year-round exclusive access to a brand-new, high quality indoor hockey facility.

We will run:

Travel team programs

Individual and small group lessons

Club Clinics

University Showcases

Indoor Team Tournaments

Travel Squads:

Teams are competitive and training is challenging. We require a high level of commitment regarding attendance, personal fitness levels, and skill training on your own. Teams will be assigned a coach, train together weekly and compete in various tournaments through the indoor season.

Players in U10 to U19 age groups will register for our indoor travel team try-outs.

U08 players are encouraged to register for our upcoming clinics. Dates will be posted soon.

Private Lessons:

Individual and small group lessons will be run prior to our scheduled training sessions. Lessons are designed to develop players skills and fitness, and are recommended for players aspiring to be the best player possible.

All of our programs follow FIH rules.


Indoor Travel 2024/25 Try-Out 3 – Registration OPEN


Indoor 2024/25 Travel Team Program


Try-Out Date, Times, Location

Players need only register for one try-out for indoor travel season.

By registering to to try-out for Philly HC you will be automatically added to the clubs mailing listing.

If you cannot attend either tryout we have a make-up date on Saturday 10th August. If you would like more information, please reach out to:

Rennie Milne ( or Nicky Hitchens ( directly.

Try Out 1: Saturday, 1st June

**Updated Times Below Correct**

Check in 30mins prior to try-out

U19 – 8am to 9.30am

U16 – 10am to 12.30pm

U14 – 1pm to 3pm

U12, U10, U8 – 1pm to 3.00pm

Try Out 2: Saturday, 15th June

**Updated Times Below Correct**

Check in 30mins prior to try-out

U19 – 8am to 9.30am

U16 – 10am to 12.30pm

U14 – 1pm to 3pm

U12, U10, U8 – 1pm to 3.00pm

Try Out 3 Date: Saturday, 10th August

Check in 30mins prior to try-out

U16 Goalkeepers only – 8am to 9:30am

U14 – 8am to 9:30am

U12, U10, U8 – 10am to 11:30am


Philly Sport Center

576 Penns Park Road

Newtown PA 18940

Try-Out Cost:

$45 Per Player

Register HERE>>

Players are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to start of try-outs to check in.

In case of severe weather, cancelations will post on our website “NEWS” section and Facebook page



Day & Times

Season runs 04th November 2024 to 28th February 2025Teams train once per week for 2 hours.

Additional sessions will be offered to teams November through December in preparation for tournaments and qualifiers.

Goalkeeper specific sessions offered weekly for all age groups.

After teams are selected you will be assigned your time slot and tournaments for the season.

Monday – 4-5pm Lessons, 5-7pm U10,U12, 7-9pm GK/Skills/Shooting

Tuesday – 4-5pm Lessons, 5-7pm U14, 7-9.30pm U19

Wednesday – 4-5pm Lessons, 5-7pm U16, 7-9.30pm U16

Thursday – 4.30-5.30pm Lessons, 5.30-8pm U19, 8-9.30pm Skill/Adults

Friday – 4-5pm Lessons, 5-6pm Lessons, 6-7pm Lessons

Saturday – Skill and small group session, Tournaments

Sunday – Skill and small group session, Tournaments*Please note, above schedule is tentative and may change upon registration*Players are expected to arrive 15min prior to start of session to warm up and prepare for session.In case of severe weather, cancelations will post on our website “NEWS” section and Facebook page


Home Tournaments:5 tournaments per team – U19, U16, U14 ages

4 tournaments per team – U12, U10 ages

2/3 tournaments per team – U08 ages

Schedule TBD by Mid Oct 2024Junior Premier Indoor League:

Held over 5 dates, U19, U16 and possibly U14Exterior Tournaments:

We will try and get each team to an external tournament not involved in JPIL.USAFH Indoor Events:

*These events are not covered by program fees and are a separate cost*

USAFH National Indoor Tournament Qualifiers (NIQ’s);

Ages – U19 and U16

Qualification – Attend and compete for entry to NIT’s. If qualified, teams will compete at USAFH National Indoor Tournament. Qualifier costs typically around $120 per player. May vary depending on location of qualifier. If you attend a qualifier with your team you need to commit to the National Indoor Tournament.USAFH National Indoor Tournaments (NIT) – U19’s Richmond Va 21st to 23rd Feb. Full commitment required

USAFH National Indoor Tournament (NIT) – U16’s Lancaster Pa 28th Feb to 2nd March. Full commitment required

USAFH National Indoor Tournament (NIT) – U14’s Spooky Nook Lancaster 14th to 16th Feb, U12’s Spooky Nook Lancaster 21st to 23rd Feb. Full commitment required

USAFH National Indoor Festival(NIF) – U19, U16 Virginia Beach House Va 15th to 16th Feb. If we enter teams, full commitment required

USAFH Events – 2 to 6 hours away depending on age bracketAll tournaments take place on weekends or holiday Mondays

Team Selection

Team placement:

In an effort to allow our player and teams to best plan, we will run a team placement selection day.


Day – Sunday

Date – 6th October

Time – U19’s 8-10.30am, U16’s 11am to 1.30pm, U14’s 2pm to 3.30pm

Location – Philly Sport Club

Address – 576 Penns Park Road, Building 19, Newtown, Pa 18940

Once assigned to a team, you will receive your training dates and times. We will also try to include your tournaments for the season, however some dates may still need to be confirmed.

Age Classifications

Cut off dates for all ages have been updated by USAFH for season 2024.25 and onwards. Please ensure you check players birthdays prior to registering for tryouts.

Click on the age group chart below to enlarge

Age Group Classification Chart

Ages – U08 U10 U12 U14 U16 U19

Under 19 – Birthdays between 1st Aug 2005 to July 31 2008

Under 16 – Birthdays between 1st Aug 2008 to July 31 2010

Under 14 – Birthdays between 1st Aug 2010 to July 31 2012

Under 12 – Birthdays between 1st Aug 2012 to July 31 2014

Under 10 – Birthdays between 1st Aug 2014 to July 31 2016

Under 08 – Birthdays between 1st Aug 2016 to July 31 2018

For the full announcement and details check the release posted HERE>>

Players may play up one age division if selected

In extraordinary circumstances we may play a player up two age divisions, however this will need to be approved by USAFH for National indoor or outdoor competitions.


Club affiliation to Philly Hockey Club is not required to tryout. If selected, you will need to affiliate to Philly Hockey club for the indoor season and have a current and up to date USAFH Membership.


Cash or Check:$1,050.00 – U14, 16, 19 includes all training and regular season tournaments, not USAFH Qualifiers, Tournament or Festival.

$950.00 – U10, 12 includes all training and regular season tournaments, not USAFH Tournament or Festival.

$700.00 – U08, includes all training sessions, tournaments extra.Address:

Philly Hockey Club

111 Maple Avenue

Dublin, Pa 18917PayPal:

Phillyhockeyclub@hotmail.comNo refundsAdditional costs:

$60 – U19, U16, U14 USAFH membership

$25 – U12 USAFH membership

Uniform for ages U14 to U19. U08 to U12 wear club skort, socks and pinnies,

Goalie uniform, good for duration of time with PHC

USAFH National Indoor Qualifiers, U19 and U16 only

USAFH Nationals Indoor Tournament, U19, U16, only if qualified

USAFH Nationals Indoor Tournament, U14, U12/10 if we enter teams

USAFH National Indoor Festival, U19, U16, if we enter teams

Training Location

New Facility Address:Philly Sport Center

576 Penns Park Road

Building 19

Newtown, Pa 18940